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Keeping My House Cleaner

After experiencing a wretched spider infestation, my pest control professional told me something that I would never forget. In the nicest possible way, she told me that my house was too messy to keep bugs out in the first place. She explained that when people leave food around, it attracts small pests like ants and cockroaches, which then attract larger predators like spiders and mice. I decided to clean up my place so that I wouldn't have to worry about creepy crawlies calling my place home. On my blog, you will learn more about pest control and the importance of house cleaning, so that you don't make the same mistake I did.


Hear Scratching Noises In Your Walls? You May Hive A Mouse In Your House

11 January 2016
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If you hear scratching noises in your walls, you could have a mouse. You may see the mouse from time to time scurry across the floor, or you may notice some of your things are being chewed on. There could be more than one mouse. If so, a male and female mouse may have up to 40 babies in one year. These babies will then grow to make more babies. As you can see, your home will become infested quickly if you do not eradicate this problem. Read More …

Keeping Pests Out Of Your Kitchen

22 December 2015
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If you are having a hard time keeping those common household pests, such as flies and ants, out of your home then you know how frustrating it can be. It's hard to fully enjoy your home when these little pests are taunting you. This article offers you some great advice for getting rid of them and for keeping them away. Getting rid of fruit flies Fruit flies in your kitchen can be very irritating. Read More …

What Do You Need To Consider Before When Hiring A Pest Control Company

11 December 2015
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Prior to hiring a pest control company, you should first know a few things. This way, the company can provide you with service customized to your needs. Here are some of the things you definitely consider when hiring a pest control company. Pictures Will Help Having pictures of the kind of critters living in your home will greatly help the company determine what kind of system to use for your needs. Read More …

3 Ways To Prevent Bed Bugs

21 September 2015
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Bed bugs are a growing problem in the U.S. and can be very difficult to get rid of. The best thing you can do is prevent them from entering your home with the following methods. Wash Your Pet's Beds The first thing you need to do is always keep your pet's beds clean. You might not be able to wash your own mattresses, but your pet's beds can easily be put in the washing machine. Read More …

How To Check If You Have Termites

24 July 2015
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Termites can be an incredibly irritating and expensive problem. If you find termites or signs of termites in your house, then you might be worried that you have an infestation on your hands. Here is a brief guide to figuring out whether or not you have a termite problem on your hands. Diagnosing the Problem Before you go about hiring any exterminators, you will need to determine whether or not you actually have an infestation. Read More …