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After experiencing a wretched spider infestation, my pest control professional told me something that I would never forget. In the nicest possible way, she told me that my house was too messy to keep bugs out in the first place. She explained that when people leave food around, it attracts small pests like ants and cockroaches, which then attract larger predators like spiders and mice. I decided to clean up my place so that I wouldn't have to worry about creepy crawlies calling my place home. On my blog, you will learn more about pest control and the importance of house cleaning, so that you don't make the same mistake I did.


Passive Pest Control? Simple Steps Homeowners Can Take To Deter Common Pests

27 August 2018
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Whether they take the form of roaches, ants, mice, flies, fleas, or any other rodent or insect, their presence in your home can range from a minor annoyance to a much more serious concern about the health and safety of your family members. In too many cases, however, by the time the homeowner actually sees signs of a rodent or insect problem, the numbers may already have swelled to the level of a serious infestation that can only be managed by a serious eradication effort. Read More …

3 Simple Solutions To Prevent Fleas And Ticks From Your Yard

21 June 2018
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You may visit the vet periodically for prescription ointments and pills that protect your dog or cat from fleas and ticks. These small pests can wreak havoc on your pet's health and wellness, but they can also affect you and your family's health. Most people understand the dangers of ticks, which include Lyme disease and infections from bites, but fleas are also known to carry diseases. While surprising to learn, fleas may carry and transmit Murine Typhus, tapeworm, and other diseases. Read More …