Three Natural Remedies That Will Eliminate Termites From Wooden Furniture

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Three Natural Remedies That Will Eliminate Termites From Wooden Furniture

7 July 2015
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If you have spotted termites on your patio's wooden furniture, learn how to eliminate them and prevent them from reappearing. The following tips involve using natural remedies that will not harm you or any of your family members.

Boric Acid Powder

Boric acid powder is made out of borax and salts that contain boron. It is effective in eliminating a wide range of pests and will work for months if left on the surface of the items that you have spotted termites on. Sprinkle thin lines of the acid onto any parts of the furniture that you have seen termites.

The termites will ingest the acid, resulting in damage to their digestive systems. When the termites walk through the boric acid, it will stick to their exoskeletons. Over time, their outer bodies will break down, resulting in death. After all of the termites have been eliminated, clean the pieces of furniture off with wood cleaner and a cloth.

Orange Oil

Orange oil contains d-Limonene, a natural pesticide and disinfectant. Orange oil smells good and will effectively kill termites on contact and remove dirt from the furniture without leaving behind streaks. Spray each piece of furniture liberally with the oil. Wipe the furniture off with a lint free cloth. Clean the furniture regularly to prevent termites from reappearing and to give the furniture a glossy and well-cared for appearance. 


Termites cannot survive after being exposed to the sun's rays for extended amounts of time. The light and heat given off from the sun are capable of killing an entire colony of termites. Place each piece of furniture in an area that receives plenty of sunlight while you are waiting for the termites to die. After a couple days, no signs of living termites will be present. Clean the furniture as you normally would and place it back on your patio. If a section of the patio receives sunlight, consider setting up the furniture in it.

After the termites have been eliminated, keep the furniture clean on a regular basis and inspect each piece on occasion to make sure that a reinfestation has not occurred. Termites thrive in moist, dark conditions, so it is important to dry off the surface of the furniture if it is exposed to water, as well. Use the same pest removal methods in the future if you spot termites in another section of your property or home. If you have a wide-spread termite problem, contact a company like Total Control Termite And Pest.