How You Can Deal With Rat Noise At Night

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How You Can Deal With Rat Noise At Night

1 July 2015
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Rats can present a pest control problem in various ways, but many people are often unprepared to deal with the noise these pests can produce. Once inside a home, they can run behind walls, scamper across the inside of ceilings, and even chew through insulation and wiring. Here is a guide to dealing with the noise rats make so you can help get a better night's sleep and reduce your stress level.

Contact Pest Control

First, it's important to take care of perhaps the most important step. Contacting a pest control specialist who can help you rid your residence of rats permanently is essential to keeping rats out of your home over the long-term. Knowing you have an appointment with a pest specialist for extermination of a rat infestation can also go a long way to easing your mind and reducing stress over a rat infestation, which will likely help you sleep better at night.

Move Rooms

Although it may seem arduous, sometimes it's a good idea to consider moving to another room temporarily where the noise from the rats isn't so loud or even non-existent. This might even involve moving your bed into your living room or into another area where a bed might not usually go, but if you have the space or extra rooms, escaping rat noise can be worth the extra effort. 

Earplugs and White Noise

You know the rats are moving in your house or apartment, but unfortunately, there might not be much you can actually do to reduce the noise until a pest control specialist comes and exterminates the rats in your home. Try out a good pair of earplugs and invest in a white noise machine or a fan. There are even apps for your smartphone you may want to consider that can produce white noise as well. Using these methods can help reduce the sounds of rats you hear and help you get much needed rest.

Set Your Own Traps

There are plenty of pest control methods you can try out in your home. Although they might not be as effective as an actual pest control specialist, this will help you take matters into your own hands before a professional arrives. For example, you might find this homemade rodent trap method easy to build and effective in your own home. Killing off a few rats should also reduce the noise at least a bit.