2 Things You Need To Know About Bed Bugs

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2 Things You Need To Know About Bed Bugs

8 July 2016
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Bed bugs are a bigger problem than many people think. If you are not careful, you could get a bed bug infestation in your home. Luckily, there are some things that you can do to prevent bed bugs from getting into your home, and how to know the signs that you have bed bugs. Here are some tips.

1. Use Wood Furniture In Public Places

If you know there has been a bed bug infestation in the area, you should avoid going to public places that have cushions for seating. For instance, if you are in a restaurant, you should ask for a table rather than a booth, since the chairs are usually wood or plastic. If you go to a public library, don't sit on the couch or use any pillows or blankets that they might have in the reading area.

Bed bugs live in warm areas, and they are especially drawn to clothing, pillows, blankets, cushions and mattresses. If you avoid using these items in public areas where there could be an infestation, you can protect yourself.

2. Know The Signs Of Bed Bugs

Even if you are incredibly vigilant in preventing bugs from getting into your home, there still is a chance that you could pick them up somewhere. This is why knowing the signs of bed bugs is most helpful.

Obviously one of the first signs are bug bites on your skin. Usually the bites will appear in a cluster or a line. It is unlikely that you will have one bite on your shoulder and another single bite on your leg. Instead, it will be in a straight line since the bug will bite once, move a short distance and bite again.

Another way to detect the bugs is to look for blood or small black dots on the mattress or sheets in the morning. After the bugs have fed, they will have a black or red color. In addition, they might have leaked a little blood or excrement throughout the night. If you see little red spots on the sheet there is a good chance you have bed bugs.

If you end help seeing the spots or bugs because they are so small, consider using a UV light and a magnifying glass. This will make it easier to detect.

If you suspect that you have bed bugs, call an exterminator right away. The earlier you correct the problem, the better!  To learn more about bed bug treatment, check out the site.