Bee Nice: How To Keep Honeybees And Your Family Equally Safe During An Infestation

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Bee Nice: How To Keep Honeybees And Your Family Equally Safe During An Infestation

20 April 2016
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Depending on what you have in your yard, such as pretty flowers or a vegetable garden, you may notice that you attract more bees than your neighbors. Some areas also have higher rates of honeybees swarming at different times, depending on the season and weather. If you have a full-blown infestation in your yard, it is imperative to act quickly to ensure the safety of your family and of the bees. Honeybees are important to the ecosystem, especially for food. Here are some ways to keep the bees and your family safe during bee removal. 

Avoid the area and put up a black curtain

If bees are populating your front or back yard, you want to avoid the area as much as possible. Hanging around in the area gives the bees an opportunity to sting. You may also be inclined to try to perform pest control on your own, which could get dangerous. Bees are typically attracted to light colors and florals. In any windows near the area of infestation, put up a black or other dark colored curtain. This will keep them away from the area and keep them off of your mind as well. 

Find a professional to take the bees

Finding a bee keeper in your area means a happy ending for you and for the bees. If the swarm near your home is large, a beekeeper could take them and install them inside of his or her hives. This will allow the bees to continue to pollinate important plants, plus continue to produce honey. When you are looking for a professional to take the bees, give them the location of the bees. If the bees have decided to nest inside your home's exterior items, such as a grill or a storage shed, this will allow the bee removal personnel to bring the right equipment to contain them and complete the job. Remove anyone who is allegic to bees and their products or stings from the home prior to the removal. As the bees become aggitated, there is a high likelihood they could sting. 

Call a pest control company experienced in bees

Since bees are a necessary part of the ecosystem, you want to make sure the bees are relocated or gently guided off your property. For this reason, you should not attempt to spray bee-control chemicals yourself. Call a pest control company that utilizes products that are non-toxic to the bees. By using gentle products that contain less chemicals, you also exposure your family to less possible toxins. Ask for honeybee and human safe pesticides only.